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Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

"Freddy has been such a positive influence to my three sons.  He gives 110%.  He really cares about the health and happiness of his clients."

Stephanie Bradley

"After the death of my brother I spiraled out of control, drinking almost every night of the week and eating constantly due to my stress and depression levels. My mother and father had paired up with Freddy doing a boot camp for a cause , where all the proceeds were donated to my brothers foundation. I didn’t go that day due to work but my mother came home and begged me to give him a call, knowing I needed the help I did just that . Freddy has given me the strength and the ability I was missing to find the confidence I once I had before losing the most important person in my life. His work outs were designed specifically for what I was capable of and always pushing me to prove that I can get back in the best shape I once was. Not only is he the best trainer he’s a great mentor , he gives me the advice i need  when I’m stuck , and makes me laugh through out my one on one sessions with him . I truly believe Freddy has filled a void I have been missing for so long , and it’s what keeps me comping back to work out with him. Working out has now become my every day routine and I couldn’t be happier I made that call a year and a half ago.I owe it all to Freddy for believing in me so I can become a stronger better version of myself !"


"I have been training with Freddy since October of 2013. As a former gymnast I get bored easily with pretty much every type of exercise. Freddy has been able to keep me interested in and even excited about working out. I am now in the middle of my second pregnancy and he is able to tailor workouts that will help me bounce stay in shape during and after my pregnancy while also making sure the exercises I’m doing are safe. I cant say enough good things about Freddy as a trainer or a person..he’s the best!"

Danielle Bonés

"Freddy is an amazingly dedicated trainer that pushes me to a physical mental and spiritual limit.  His boot camps are amazingly fun and energetic.  The classes are always changing and challenging.
Freddy’s personal training is a perfect blend of strength, cardio and endurance.  I have never been in better shape!  At a very reasonable price!"

Jen Gallagher

"Freddy is absolutely by far the best personal trainer in the area. I have been attending his classes regularly for four years now. I was never good about fitness, and was constantly on fad diets, struggling with my weight, as well as a heavy smoker. I met Freddy and there were many reasons how his classes have affected me physically, and mentally. He is very knowledgeable about his work. He has a no nonsense, no gimmick approach. I have watched him transform people of all ages, weight, and fitness ability into stronger, healthier human beings. He teaches us about our bodies, muscles, as well as nutrition, hydration, and stretching. He incorporates a total body workout in every class. I have gotten stronger physically, stopped smoking and even began running. He has trained me for 5 Spartan races, and got me motivated to run 5K’s regularly. He also mentally teaches his clients to be stronger. He pushes you and gives you confidence with every workout. He is very motivating, and supportive. You never feel intimidated in his classes. He sends such an inspirational message and gives everyone so much hope. He brings his energy and humor to everyclass, whether it is 6am on a cold January morning, or 8pm after a 14 hour day. He treats each client like they are the only one in the room. The people in his classes have a close relationship and we are like one big family. I can’t say enough about Freddylive Fitness!"

Lynn Vozzella

"Highly motivating, energetic, and positive!!! One of the best trainers around. Workouts are intensely awesome while at the same time taking into consideration each of his clients and their individual needs. Love him, he’s awesome and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!"

Giselle Long

"Freddy has transformed my body physically and mentally. He brought me to a place in my life where I LOVE every part of myself, and I am forever thankful for that. Fitness saved, and continues to save my life every day."

Alyssa Domenici

"Freddy is a genuine trainer with an amazing work ethic. A true sign of an amazing trainer is the variation of his work outs. We never have the same work out twice, and shows that Freddy is putting so much thought and work into what he produces daily. I’ve seen lazy trainers and that results in boredom and loss of interest.
Not only does it make you feel stronger and more energetic, but the physical evidence shows in your body within weeks. That’s what everybody wants!
I run, and I love that too, but it’s unhealthy to do that all the time. Adding this total body workout is essential to the best total plan for me.
Freddy is unique because he is excited every day, and that keeps me motivated. Consistency is really the secret, anyway. I don’t want what is trending. I want what works, and this works!"

Mina Gizzi

"Becoming a one on one client of Freddy’s was one of the best decisions I have made. Freddy’s knowledge and personalized program have helped me tremendously as I prepare for the Boston Marathon. Because of Freddy I have reminded injury free and have become faster and stronger.  In addition, working out with Freddy is not only good for the body, but also good for the mind. Freddy is inspiring, helpful, and caring."

Lauren Dever

Testimonials: Testimonials
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